From Hero To Zero
This is the story of Capt Rod Lovell and the successful ditching of DC-3, VH-EDC into Botany Bay (Sydney, Australia) on 24th April 1994.
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On 24 April 1994, long before "Sully" became famous for ditching a plane into America’s Hudson River, all 25 souls on board were saved when a pilot was forced to ditch a DC-3 aircraft into Australia’s own Botany Bay after encountering problems just seconds after taking off from Sydney Airport.

The pilot, now retired Captain Rod Lovell, is set to launch a book detailing the truth behind the ditching and blowing the whistle on his treatment by the authorities which crushed him financially and destroyed his professional flying career.

The controversial story highlights 25 years of frustration and persecution.

Rod, who now lives in South Australia, had his licence suspended, losing his earning ability and suffered years of battling to fight the system and prove that the aircraft itself was a safety risk.  

The very authorities who investigated the crash and suspended Rod’s licence were the same, or linked to those also responsible for giving the all clear for the aircraft he was piloting to be in the air.

"I effectively became the sacrificial lamb in a government cover-up to ensure blame was deflected away from those actually responsible for the safety of the airline passengers.  

Some years later the aircraft was proven to be unflyable." Rod says.

In my book I reveal the REAL reasons the aircraft would not fly on one engine.

It has nothing to do with the concocted reasons put forward by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI). 

Their reasons were all a "smokescreen", to deflect the real reasons.

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the ditching of the plane just 46 seconds after take-off. 

Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI) had 2 years.   

Sully had 208 seconds.   

I had 46 seconds. 

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You would presume that the office of Commonwealth Ombudsman was to be respected for its integrity.
Well, This is NOT the case. Please check out Morison and Morison2.
This literally is "The Plane Truth"